Pride and Prejudice

Pride and prejudice? Race tinges LGBT celebrations.

So now here we are.  The LBGTQ community has begun to eat their own. Or should i say that the SJWs have found a new target.  After more then a year of protesting, marching and getting what they want, the Social Justice Communists need a new target because they are becoming irrelevant.  So now they will attack the gay pride parades and claim that the gay agenda is racist!  Why is the LBGTQ agenda suddenly racist? Because the special snowflakes don’t see pictures of themselves posted on Tumblr and Yahoo! in the gay pride parades!

This is what its really all about.  Its about getting attention and praise, its not about gay rights. The people in the article are literally saying this, “We don’t FEEL that we are getting enough ATTENTION via the media and the public, so we are going to declare these people as racist so they will pay us more attention!”  This is how bad it has gotten. Just because most of the people you see in pictures related to gay topics, or the people in pictures in the media are white, you some how assume that there is some kind of racism and that black and brown people are somehow getting the shaft.

Maybe these deluded young people need to wake up.  The Black and Brown minorities in America are still very conservative and they do not want the gay agenda or the gay community shoving dicks and dildoes of attention-seeking up their collective asses!  They have no problem with you being whatever letter of the sexual lifestyle alphabet you want to be, but they don’t want to be bothered with you.  Maybe you special snowflakes need to go speak to them.  Or better yet encourage the gays in your minority community to get involved.  That way you’d be represented better.

But what makes this so insane is that the LBGTQ community has always been non-racist and diverse. Many gay and lesbian couples are interracial.  I have several people who follow my blogs who are dating or married to a person of the same gender but are a different race. So why is the LBGTQ movement suddenly racist?  It is because these special snowflakes who are going to protest at the pride parades want special attention drawn to racial issues and to the non-binary gender crowd that’s been trying to make headway in the news and in the LBGTQ community.  To be honest they really just want to take over.

Since they get their asses handed to them every time they protest free speech they have decided to go protest over at the gay pride parade because the gay people are perceived as limp-wristed, weak, and won’t beat the shit outta them.  I feel sorry for the gay community in many ways, they supported these little spoon-fed assholes over the last few years and this is the thanks they get.  But hey maybe now you’ll heed my warning about these people, do not trust them and do not let them in!

3 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice

  1. Very good post, my friend. Very to-the-point and observant. However, as a gay nudist man who is in a marriage with another gay nudist man (he’s African-American, I’m Greek) there is some subliminal racism within the GLBTQ community, as there is everywhere else in this country. I think that those who deny this really are unable to view their world as anything other than fantasyland. Nice work here, buddy! Naked hugs!

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      1. At different clubs, primarily those in the DuPont Circle area of Washington, DC, and in Tampa, FL. There was also the recent pride festival where all persons of color were forced to show two forms of ID, and I wasn’t even expected to show any. It isn’t always so blatant, but its there.

        However, I don’t think any of the above actions are “official” policy. It could be the discretion of the person controlling the crowd.

        Naked hugs, buddy!

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