Problematic Hypocrisy!

So i read a article today that talked about the problem that SJWs, feminists, and special snowflakes have with sexy women in video games. (link to article:

PORN-influenced heroines in video games with “impossibly big breasts” and unreal bodies are harming a generation of Australian children.

The stark warning comes from concerned body image experts, who warn the increasingly graphic sexual poses and depictions of women in mainstream video games fuel harmful stereotypes and body dysmorphia.
Among the toxically augmented characters in highly suggestive outfits that have burst onto video game screens are Rainbow Mika and Laura Matsuda from Street Fighter V, and Honoka from the Dead or Alive franchise.
Porn influenced heroines you say?  Making children uncomfortable and giving them psychological issues you say?  Well I am sure that this is totally okay then!
Oh we are so progressive, smart, and evolved now!  An 8 year old boy wants to strut around in drag on national TV!  He wants to be the little girl!  But sexy, big breasted women in totally fictional video games are causing children to develop mental illnesses!!  I know many of my readers can see the hypocrisy that is shown in this.  The heterosexual is now abnormal.  The normal standards of beauty are now ugly!  But the abnormal, the homosexual, the unhealthy are now the normal.
The hypocrisy these SJWs preach to the public is so disgusting and frustrating.  And the constant attack on gamers and hobbyists are equally annoying.  We cannot enjoy our geek hobbies now without being reminded how -phobic or racist we are if enjoy a certain game genre.  The agenda is simple: make the all boys club join the SJW parade, make the public entertainment sector push the SJW agenda without fail.  Take over the media and entertainment industry to normalize the SJW and to pervert the non-SJW, conservative person into shame and remaining silent, hidden.
Thankfully it isn’t working too much.  Sexy games are still being made and many geeks are speaking out against the SJW and their agenda!  Only time will tell who wins.

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