Stealthing. Yes this is now a thing.

Stealthing: Inside the world of men who remove condoms during sex without consent

When i first read this i actually felt sick to my stomach.  This “stealthing” is a thing now?  After I calmed down quite a bit i came to a realization that this is nothing new.  Men have been doing this for years now.  What this article is about is once again claiming no responsibility for your own actions as a female.  While yes one can claim that removing a condom during sex is a violation of trust, it is not rape.

The truth of the matter is that a woman must also take responsibility for her own health as well.  Because I have had condoms break during the act of sex with someone and yeah then you have to worry about STD’s, but most of all pregnancy.  But why doesn’t the woman take responsibility for her own birth control?  This article tries to place all responsibility for all sexual actions on the male, as if the female has no control and no mind of her own.  It seems to me that feminism is now more self-demeaning then self-helping.  Third Wave Feminism seems to be about making women victims of everything and not empowering them to take control of their own destinies.

At the end of the day i do not truly believe that this “stealthing” is some kind of horrible epidemic that males are perpetrating on innocent women.  Its not even a sign of the times, its just someone making things more horrible then they really are to blame men for something.  As if we men need more blame in this world.

3 thoughts on “Stealthing. Yes this is now a thing.

  1. Stealthing isn’t just men perpetuating this on women. They’re also doing it to men during sex, too. It’s like someone’s idea of a sick, lethal joke. Respecting your sexual partner, regardless of gender, is much more than an immature and irresponsible action that can subject them to an unwanted STI. Good post, my bare blogging friend. Naked hugs!

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