The Naked Otaku.

For those of you who don’t know what the word “otaku” means, it means “obsessed fan boy” in Japanese but in milder terms which is often used in America it means a person who is a big fan of anime.  And yes I watch most of my anime naked at home.  I play my video games naked at home.  And yeah i seriously enjoy both being naked and watching anime and playing video games.  Someone once asked me why I and other naturists don’t push for more casual nudity in video games and anime.  Well here are the reasons why:  For one Japanese society and American society have a strong dislike for nudity in their video games and anime.  Now yes there are porn games and pornographic anime, known as hentai in Japan.  And that as far as Japan is concerned, is where nudity casual or erotic is only allowed.  One must remember that video games are still marketed to children primarily in both Japan and America, as well as anime.  So in all truth it will be very hard to get anyone to loosen up on such topics because of the mindset of the two businesses is focused on sales to children and staying out of the negative limelight as much as possible.

Over the years some video games have had “nude mods” which were made by fans of the game so you can see the character nude. or at least only in their underwear.  Fallout 4 comes to mind.  But these mods were made by non-nudists and are basically made for the sake of titillation or just pissing off the game developers.  But its still nice to have the nude mods anyway.

As far as anime goes the best you’ll be able to find in casual nudity is a few scenes from Dragonball and some humorous scenes with partial nudity implied in romantic comedies.  Other then that you’ll be stuck watching porn.

To be honest though at the end of the day while it would be nice to have naturism in video games and anime i am not upset nor advocating for it.  I can still enjoy video games and anime without them having nudity in it.

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