Syria in the news.

So this morning i was listening to conservative talk radio.  Tara Curvaceous is the name of the woman who i listen to in the morning and she was talking about the chemical gas attack on that town in Syria.  One of the first things she pointed out is that the town that was attacked is a ISIS/Al-Qaeda stronghold.  And yes the loss of children’s lives is horrific but once again we have to ask ourselves this question: Why are we getting involved with this country in the midst of a civil war again?

The answer is oil and money.  Yep, that’s right!  Oil and money.  You see Russia wants to build a oil pipeline from Iraq and Iran, to the ocean.  This pipeline will give Russia control of the oil dollars in that area and then they will switch the currency of trade to the Russian Ruble and the Chinese yuan.  This will basically cripple the American dollar and the Euro overnight and send America and all of Europe into financial meltdown.

So yeah this is all bullshit.  We actually started the Syrian civil war back during the Obama administration via the good ole CIA who promised to give the Syrian rebels weapons and training to overthrow Assad.  All of this over fucking oil and money.  Its so fucked up.

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