Back on the ‘Net with some new digs.

Well its been a while but i am back.  I am in my new place and to be honest i am still adjusting somewhat.  I did not like the idea of having to move because basically i felt i was being kicked out.  To give this post some length and to explain it all i guess I’ll tell you guys what happened.

The house that i was staying in for six 6 years was the home of my deceased grandparents.  about two years after my grandfather died i had moved in to look after the house and because the rent was cheap.  But there was a lot that i did not know, and that is what kind of came back to bite me in the butt in a way.

My mother’s parents both died a couple of years apart, my grandfather died about two years after my grandmother died.  My granddad had been suffering from senile dementia for two years before my my grandmother died.  About a year before he died my Uncle Kent took my grandfather (his father) to a shady lawyer and got the will changed so that everything would be bequeathed to him instead of splitting up everything between him and the remaining siblings as it was supposed to be.  This was found out 6 months later when my grandfather mentioned to my mother and my Aunt Jean that my Uncle Kent had taken him to see somebody to sign something but he could not remember what.

Fast forward about a year after my Grandfather has died and my Uncle Kent reveals that everything had been bequeathed to him.  Of course his siblings were quite upset and quickly deduced that he had somehow cheated his own siblings out of their inheritance.  My uncle would not show any of his siblings the will, but demanded that his siblings trust him, and that he would divide up their parents inheritance just as their parents would have wanted.

Now fast forward almost 5 years later.  I have been living in my grandparents house for three years at that time and i finally discover the truth when i start to question my mother about some of the odd behavior i have been seeing between my aunts and uncles over the last couple of years, and especially the difficulties i am having getting my Uncle to come to the house and fix things.  He is my “landlord” after all and i did expect him to help me fix things around the house as quickly as possible when they broke.  My mother tells me the truth and i am shocked at the revelation.  It explained so much over the last three years at that time.  But my mother bade me not to speak on it or worry about it.  She said it looked as if the siblings would be going to court about the matter soon.

Well fast forward three years plus and now my mother is concerned about what might be some mold in the house.  She is concerned because i have a cough or cold i never seem to get rid of.  Although i used to smoke heavily i had quit about 2 years ago at my parents insistence.  So having a slight cough on occasion should not have been anything new.  But the other thing that concerned her was the smell of my clothes, which she said smelled moldy.  So on January 21st my mother came over with some kind of environmental specialist and had him look around the house for mold.  The guy did a cursory inspection and came to the conclusion that i needed to move out because the house had a mold infestation.  And so, just like that I had to move.  Well i wasn’t too fucking happy about that!

So i spent the next two weeks looking for a new place to stay; my parents and my brother agreed to help pay for everything.  Now you’d think I’d be elated at all this, but i wasn’t.  To make matters worse i had just been taken off the schedule from my job for literally no known reason.  A job i had been at for more then a year basically fires me without so much as a excuse or reason, so yeah i was kinda pissed the whole time!

To be honest i don’t like, but i don’t dislike my new place, its a two bedroom duplex with the standard one bathroom, kitchen and den.  Not really much smaller then what i had when i was living in my grandparents place.  But i guess one compliant i could have about the place is i cannot go outside in the nude.  Not in the back yard or the front yard .  Too many people, too close, both day and night.  Beyond that, maybe i just need to get used to the place and accept the new happiness i should have.  But then again if i could just get a job I’d be a whole lot happier.

3 thoughts on “Back on the ‘Net with some new digs.

  1. Sorry about the circumstances about your move. Hopefully, soon your health will improve. I hope you find employment soon. Have you considered legal action? There are attorneys who don’t charge anything until you are awarded judgment. Naked hugs!


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