Yes I voted for Trump.

And you can now unfollow me and send me hateful comments.  Over the last 2 days since Trump won the election i have watched people eat each other alive over this.  On Facebook several of my cousins started unfriending long time friends because they voted for Trump.  There have been rioting protests and just feelings of ill-will from Hillary voters to the entire world because she lost the election.

And then there is the media.  It was bad enough that they made the public wait until 2:41 AM to find out the election results, but they did this on purpose in order to stoke the fires of anger in the country.  And now they are going full bore, doing their best to bash Trump before he even gets in office.  Stoking the flames of racial fear and social hate, the media has made a full court press to make Trump into some kind of Bond villain who is going to take over the country and ruin it.  And the man hasn’t made a single policy yet.  He isn’t even in office yet.

Clive Lewis, host of “Ground Zero” radio talk show, put things in perspective for me last night.  He asked this question, “Why or what are so many Americans angry about?  Why are you angry about this election?”  Clive believed that the riots and protests were purposeful.  That they were set up to destabilize the country until we are begging to have our freedoms taken from us just so we can have some kind of peace.

I believe that this anger and protest are just symptoms of the childishness of the millennials.  Many millennials have no idea how to handle loss, disappointment, and the idea that the government won’t always be there to help them.  And so like children who have had their security blanket snatched from them, they throw a hissy fit until they get what they want or realize that there is no audience to listen.

My hope is that all this will calm down and we can get back to normal…

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