Trannys? Hell NO!

I’ll be honest, i do not like transsexuals in the least.  And it is not because of my Christian upbringing.  But it is because of what they represent.  A transsexual is a walking, talking, living, breathing lie.  A male or female pretending to be the opposite gender.

If some random black male came up to you and told you he was Hitler, you might at first laugh, but if was sincere and tried to show you he truly was Hitler, you’d deem him as insane and perhaps call the police so that he could be locked in a mental institution and get some help.

And yet if some guy claims he was born a woman in a man’s body, people will bend over backwards and do as the ‘woman’ asks.  This is what irks me the most in our society.  This accommodating people who have no need or right to such a level of acquiescence or accommodation.

We are trying to change the laws about bathrooms and dressing rooms for less then 1% of the population in this country.  We are literally going to disenfranchise and disrespect the will and ideals of 364 million people for the comfort and happiness of less then 3.64 million people.  Many of whom will end up committing suicide before they die of old age or disease.

And for what reason?  Well because of their feelings.  Feelings are now the most important thing in the Universe in this PC-overrun world.  And if someone feelings have been hurt its the equivalent of a civil rights violation.  But that is another issue for another time.  As of right now several schools are allowing males who ‘self-identify’ as female to use the girls restroom or locker rooms as they see fit.  The girls are not happy with this issue but the schools persist in allowing this.  This now the true nature of the problem with the transgendered, the so-called self-identifying person.  A person who just declares themselves as ‘thinking transgendered’.  This is a mind-set that we must not allow to take hold in this country, because after all, just because i claim that I am Hitler, doesn’t make it so.

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