Voltron: The Legendary Defender!

So yes they have made a reboot of the legendary 80’s cartoon Voltron, and yes it is actually very good!

The reboot pretty much follows the original story to almost a T.  But there are some changes.  In this cartoon, Earth is not a space-faring race yet.  Allura has brown skin and Pidge is now a female.  Yes that’s right Pidge is female but she looks almost exactly as he did in the 80’s version so yeah expect to have yer dick be confused by the charming tomboy.

As to why some of these changes happened the best answer is the same writers and designers for the nickelodeon series Avatar: Legend of Korra, so yeah if you are now worried i understand.  But i have viewed all 11 episodes released by Netflix so far and i have to admit the show is damn good.

The show also has done some other major changes, the show is no longer deeply dramatic and only deeply dramatic and action packed.  There is a lot of humor now such as Hunk making food jokes, and Coran is now mostly comic relief.  Emperor Zarkkon is no longer some chump on throne barking orders and disapproval at his son Prince Lothar.  He is now very much active in the leading of his empire, known as the Galaran Empire.  And he is a ass kicker which was shown in episode 11.

Well i don’t want to spoil anymore of the show for you guys, but i suggest you fans of Voltron watch this show.  It’s worth it!


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