What I Don’t Understand About The Gay Rights Movement

Catholic In The 21st Century

Note: The following pictures were taken by LifeSiteNews, at a “Massachusetts Youth Pride” event on May 21st, 2016. I am not with LifeSiteNews at all. I’m just a blogger who is saying what’s on my mind.

This is what I don’t understand about the gay rights movement:

What is with the focus on sex?


Is a Gay-Straight Alliance rally for middle-school students really the place to be handing out condoms and penis lubricant? Apparently it is.

And we can’t forget about all those diseases, either:


I have two questions:

If homosexuality is so natural, like people who point to homosexuality in animals say it is:

Why, without artificial “protection” like condoms, does two men rubbing their balls together cause disease and death?

Aren’t disease and death the opposite of what is supposed to happen as a result of sex?



What’s with the nudity at Gay Pride Parades?

The nudity…

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