My Thoughts on Feminism

Catholic In The 21st Century

Note: The subject of feminism is a complex one. This post is just me explaining my thoughts on it. If you think what I’m saying is off-base, or I offended or upset you, than let me know. Let’s talk about the complex subject that is feminism, and by doing so come to a better understanding of not just ourselves, but of our fellow human beings, too. Also: Please read this post all the way through before commenting. Thank you.

I don’t consider myself a feminist.


1. Because I don’t know what the purpose of feminism is.
2. Because I consider myself something else. More on that in a moment…


I know back in the day the feminist movement fought for things like women having the right to vote.

I like that women have the right to vote, and can have a career if they so choose. I want women to be…

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