WOW: A Woman is to Be Seen and Not Heard

Well Moniqua as I said before, “Welcome to the world of Men.”  Now why do i say that.  Your post stated that you realized that the expectations of the world that were thrust upon you as a child were very crippling and caused you great distress.  You decided to break free of those expectations and love yourself based on who you are, not based on whether or not you fulfilled those expectations.  It is great that you have done so.  As a man who is strongly attracted to big women I have seen how the expectations placed on women via the ‘materialism of looks’ can be emotionally crippling.

As males though we cannot ignore or step away from the expectations that are trust upon us as men in masse.  If we do then human civilization would become crippled.  If you need proof of this then just look at your average black urban area in cities such as Harlem or South Central, LA.  You can see through those areas what happens when the government in the auspices of helping a group of people, remove the socially enforced gender roles of the average male.

Now what are those expectations and gender roles?  Well you are about to get a little inside baseball as to what we are taught as men from the days when we are children.  Men are expected to be and have:

  1. To have a nice car
  2. to have a nice house
  3. to have a big dick
  4. to have a big bank account
  5. to have steady employment
  6. to look good
  7. to be able to sexually please any woman they are with
  8. to be able and willing to fight and defend themselves
  9. to be able and willing to fight and defend their families
  10. and most of all to be the best at everything they do.

Looks like quite the laundry list doesn’t it?  And yet we men generally do not complain.  We know we cannot do everything on this list perfectly.  But we strive to do so and are content knowing we have tried our best and have moderate success.  To strive to do our best, to be better then our peers or at least stand at the same level is all part of the role and expectations as men.  And yes women play a big part in this.  Because we men know that if we at least can get the first 6 items on the list then we have a pretty good chance of finding a sexual partner and/or mate for ourselves.

But why stick to these goals?  Why don’t we rebel as women are now allowed to?  In men there is a instinct to strive and do better.  The current expectations help us fulfill that instinctive drive without using violence to get it as our primitive ancestors did and had to do.  To put it simply we created a better way to be a hunter, and it created the great society we have today.

But that society is dying.  Black males are constantly in the pit of poverty and a growing number of white males are simply bowing out of society and their responsibilities as well.  Whites are being crippled by the mixed messages they are being sent now via the media and in the broken homes they live in.  The millennials perceive being a NEET or a socially inept loser as a social click they can belong to.  The internet makes it easier to embrace these negative social statuses.

In the end it seems like it sucks to be a male in this day and age, but i do not think it does.  I think this is one of the greatest times for men to shine and fulfill the social expectations that have been on their shoulders since the dawn of mankind itself.

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This week’s Women on Wednesdays is an offering from contributor Moniqua.

A s a young girl, she was told by her mother that she was to be seen and not heard. Meaning make her presence known, but don’t say anything. Shewas dressed from head to toe in the nicest outfits, hair fried, dyed and laid to the side.She wastold impressions are everything and that she needs to keep up her appearance. Don’t gain weight, wear fitted clothes, but not too fitted that they look small, show some cleavage to get a job, use her goods to better herself.She wasa sexual being and used what she had to get what she wanted.

How do you think these things affectedher mind as she gotolder? Instilling these things in her mind caused insecurities later in herlife. She becameobsessed with making sure that she looked her best to impress people she didn’t like…

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