The Struggles of a Working Man.

For the last few years I have struggled to find work.  It has been in the last year that i have found some.  First at Hardees and for the last 2 months at IHOP (International House of Pancakes) as a dishwasher.  To be honest working in a dish room again was something of a nostalgic dream job.  But to be honest my dreams have been dashed to pieces.  A couple of weeks ago I was watching Sword Art Online.  An anime series i had heard about so i downloaded it.  The episodes that got me in tears was the Honeymoon/Yui arc.  Where Kurito and Asuna have their honeymoon and adopt a girl they find lost in the forest named Yui.  The trio have a wonderful looking house and spend time together.  I was bought to tears at their happiness, but i was also jealous.  I wanted what they had.  A family, a home of my own.

Since then i have been miserable and discontent at my job.  I realize now that i will never achieve any of my dreams if i keep getting jobs at minimum wage.  I want a better and a better future.  So every day at IHOP feels like a miserable dead end.  Even if i satisfied with the work and my co-workers aren’t immature ghetto hood rats.  I am unsatisfied with the future this job and jobs like it present to me.  There is no future for me at IHOP and i see that now.

I also feel the pain in my body as well.  Every day at work my right shoulder and arm start to ache whenever i lift something or move the arm a certain way.  I know this means i may have a repetitive motion injury but i haven’t had time to go to my doctor and confirm.  So that’s a motivator and another spot of worry for me with this job.  I f i am somehow injured then i would have no choice but to leave the job or risk further aggravating the injury.  Well for now, enough whining.  i need to get to bed, i have to get up early for work.

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