Been working, in the clothed!

Okay so i haven’t written in weeks.  But i have a great reason.  I have been working a new/old job.  Why do i call it a new/old.  Well i am working at a new restaurant, but its a job I’ve had before.  A dishwasher.  To make things a bit more difficult the job is tiring and when i come home all i wanna do is sleep and get away from the world.  Plus i have been occupied all over town with different things.  So in many cases I would get home from work and head right back out to deal with other things.  Last week was especially busy.  And the last two days have been busy as well.  But hopefully, after today I’ll be able to spend more time in the nude before its back to work.  And i also hope to spend more time writing for this blog.  I do see that i have a number of followers and i hate to disappoint.

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