Why veterans miss war

Pause for Clarity

Sebastian Junger filmed the famous documentary “Restrepo”. The documentary was largely famous due to it being filmed in one of the most combat-intense regions of Afghanistan. It’s remote location in the mountains left it incredibly exposed and Junger was there to film the many assaults.


Although “Restrepo” may have been the most intense of all his journalistic endeavors, he’s been a journalist in war zones several times prior. What’s most interesting is that, after all his time in war zones, he makes the argument that soldiers miss war when they are without it:

I’ve been covering wars for almost 20 years, and one of the remarkable things for me is how many soldiers find themselves missing it. How is it someone can go through the worst experience imaginable, and come home, back to their home, and their family, their country, and miss the war?

The award…

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