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Pause for Clarity

A set of topless photographs hit the web today with the hope of shining a light on what the photographer calls “rape culture”.

Not an Invitation - Topless Photoshoot

The theme is that sexuality isn’t an invitation for rape. It’s a bit nuts. You don’t need a campaign to tell people that rape is wrong. And if the message is that no matter how sexual a girl is dressed, she’s not inviting rape, that’s doesn’t even make sense.

There’s no such thing as an invitation for rape. It’s contradictory, if there’s an invitation for sex then the sex isn’t rape. So then comes the next question, if invitation is the wrong word to discuss this, whats the right word?


How about provocation? Is sexuality provocative?

Provocative – Arousing sexual desire or interest, especially deliberately. (Google’s definition)

Sexual – Relating to the instincts, physiological processes, and activities connected with physical attraction or intimate physical contact between individuals. (Google’s definition)

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