The Hypocrisy of the Social Justice Warrior.


So yeah some of you may be mesmerized by Hitomi’s jiggling boobs in the picture above but pay attention to what I’m writing for a moment.  Apparently the picture above triggers feminists and Social Justice Warriors (SJWs).  Now for those of you who do not know Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball 3 will not be shipped in the United States because of the social issues surrounding the game, according to the president of Sony Entertainment in Japan.  To interpret this into layman speak.

We at Sony Entertainment will not be shipping this video game to the western world because we are worried about the PC backlash from feminist and SJWs.

Now DOAX3 is simply a sports video game where you play volleyball as the female fighters from the very popular Dead or Alive fighting game series.  And yes the game is filled with jiggling breasts and girls in skimpy bikinis like this:Screenshots-of-Dead-or-Alive-5-Ultimate-Collectors-Edition-Costumes-for-its-sexy-fighters-1

oh but some of them have bikinis like this:


The spin-off series has been around for 10 years now and no one has ever really cared about it because the game is silly and just for fun and laughs.  But you have to really play the game and win the matches in order to unlock the really skimpy bikinis that some of the characters wear.

Now what really irks me so much is the hypocrisy of SJWs and third wave feminist alike.  While these people run around often demanding that women be allowed to walk about topless in the streets of the real world, they get upset and demand the censoring of animated characters breasts on a TV screen.

Then they turn around and demand ‘safe spaces’ on college campuses around the world.  Well what my safe space?  As a gamer my video game world is my safe space and yet i feel it being constantly invaded by the toxic femininity of feminism and SJWs.  It is hypocrisy plain and simple!  You cannot demand that you be given safe haven for your feelings and personal opinions but then come in and violate mine!  And yet if i fight back against feminist and SJWs for invading my safe space then I’m called a bigot and a woman-hater.  It’s total bullshit!  And yes I mad!

Someone explain to me why this is okay and should be fought for:


and yet this is not okay:


Last i checked a bunch of girls on a video game screen in my damn private home ain’t stopping traffic, causing little kids to ask uncomfortable questions, and basically stepping on 1000’s of years of social morals and behavior.  And yet the SJWs and feminists are in a uproar about this game and many others.  Then they stage topless protests because they can’t let it all hang out in public!

You know what I think the real problem is.  The problem is the feminists and SJWs are actually jealous of the girls on a video game.  Yes that’s right, they are JEALOUS!  They look at the girls in video games as competition for male gaze and affection.  The girls in video games hurt their fragile self-esteem and make them feel lesser than.  Now that is some sad bullshit!  If your ego as a female is that fragile then you need therapy, not more feminism and equality movements!

In closing I want to say that i want my safe space to be protected and respected.  I want my feelings and video games to be protected and respected as well.  As long as we have this hypocrisy among the SJWs and feminist I’ll always feel so violated by their toxic femininity.  I believe that we should write the heads of Sony and let them know our feelings on the matter.  And then threaten to stage a boycott if they do not comply with our list of demands!  Yes lets act just like the enemy, because apparently that’s the only way to get what we want in this world.  The right to play video games in peace.

Note: if some of you ain’t figured it out yet, some of this blog post is sarcasm!


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