Curbing my internet life..

Or maybe more specifically my bookmark folder.  A few weeks back i tried to get on Clothes Free International, a forum that I’ve been a member of for several years now.  I couldn’t log on and I couldn’t contact the site admin because their new system using captcha is screwed up.  I figured my account may have been suspended or deleted after i posted my link to the new Naturism for People of Color blog.  CFI is real strict about what they declare to be pron and such and one of the posts on the blog may have pissed someone off.

At first i was pissed, but then i thought about it.  I may check out CFI Forums twice a month at best and even then i don’t post often at all.  I realized i wasn’t missing anything, so i let it go.  Well now that I’ve been thinking about it i checked and i have a number of forums that I’m a member of that i need to either get more involved, or cancel my membership.  There’s no need to have my bookmarks and conscience cluttered by forums i never go to.

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