Searching for a Black Naturist Forum!

Recently someone commented on my blog about looking for a group that black naturists could meet and get together on line.  I agree that we should do this but i will also admit I hate separating us as nudists by race.  But I also understand the ultimate problem.  NO ONE KNOWS WE EXIST!!  Because of this we do need a place that we can call our own, build up our numbers, and then spread out if we wish to.  But we do need to know that there are other black naturists out there.  Now if anyone reads this and wants to start a group then by all means lets do so.  Comment here on the blog about your plans if you would like.  If no one says anything about starting a group i may look into starting one myself.


12 thoughts on “Searching for a Black Naturist Forum!

    1. Where were you when I was living in SC. I lived in Columbia for 6 years and did not find out about Cedar Creek until I was In Texas. My wife, Cora and I are both nudists and we are interested in finding more people of color to get involved. She is Philippina and I am Black. We are now living in Vicenza Italy, and would like to find blacks over here that we can get involved with. Contact us at We belong to several on line sites that you may be interested in, that is of you dont already know about them.



  1. I’m curious, too. Yet all I see have no african americans. I’m near Gaithersburg MD and ofther travel to Philly. I we had our own and can be discreet about it, I would join to meet new friends.


  2. Hi, I live in Jamaica and i am a naturist now for 4 years. At home now, I cant practice out side, but it’s fun nevertheless.


    1. Hi i’m a Jamaican who is crazy about the nudist lifestyle and would love to meet other coloured nudists.I have not been nude in front of others for a long time but i’m dying to try social nudity soon.

      I look forward to your response.


  3. Hey everyone, I came across this site for nudism. It is a new place to find many different kinds of nude teenagers, kids, parents that are living a lifestyle in a nudist community. Can anybody let me know if indeed its a attractive website to go too or if it’s just another scam. I thought it was good cause no torrent sites own anything like this.


  4. Yo,

    Not sure if you’re aware or not, but has a black nudist group:

    I’m a member. I used to belong to a black nudist group on, but I think they shut it down a few years ago. Hit me up if you find out any more black nudist groups online. I’m just getting initiated in the lifestyle and it’s pretty interesting. Went to a nudist gathering this past weekend and had a great time.


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