Some games, Some nights.

LOL.  Only anime fans will get that joke.  Well since i last posted, i went out and bought two GBA games.  Well i bought them on Friday of last week.  Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, and a remake of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past & Four Swords.  I beat HoD in two days and LttP in two.  HoD was good, but i was a bit frustrated by the amount of backtracking and searching i had to do.  I also think they could have did a better job of making the movements of Justie Belmont a little less robotic.  As far as LttP it was the same game i had played on the SNES years ago, which is why i bought it.  They basically added new sounds and the Four Sword sidequest.  I couldn’t play the Four Sword sidequest since i have DS and not a GBA, withc four other people connected.  And since i wasn’t about to waste my time, i went out and bought Four Swords for the GameCube.  I link the game but it’s too linear to be a Zelda game.  It’s a lot like Super Mario Bros. in the level styling.  But the games aren’t the only thing to this post.

I had to drive to Boiling Springs to get the game.  You talk about a 15 minute drive of stressing out.  Why?  Because Sarah lives in Boiling Springs, i have to drive by where she works.  And i was just stressing.  Wondering if i would happen to bump into her, or if i should visit her.  In the end, i didn’t.  i got my game, talked with the two guys who ran the store for 30+ minutes and then went home.  I have no idea why i was stressing about the whole thing so much. Oh well…

May the Way of the Hero lead to the Triforce!!


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