Sex Abuse in Hollywood.

To be honest i have no pictures to post for this blog post, nor do i want to post any.  In the weeks since the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault/harassment scandal broke, at first every week a new woman stepped forward to accuse ole Harvey of misconduct some years ago.  But now its has gotten to the point where every few days a new allegation at a new Hollywood star pops up, the latest being George Takei.  Who seems to have been accused of nearly raping a grown man back in 1981.

What gets me so upset in many ways is the fact that so many people are coming forward decades after these incidents happened.  It makes me suspicious.  Why wait so long to come forward?  I have asked a number of women in my family about this scandal and they all say it makes hard to take all these accusers seriously when you waited for decades in some cases to come forward. And some of the accusations seem so minor and trivial that its almost a joke. But what i will say is that it seems that Hollywood is in for a rough road and it seems that they deserve a lot of the bumps and misery that are going to come with it.

In the end the question that I ask is this: Will all of these pervs and rapists actually be pushed out of Hollywood? Or will they just slink off into the shadows and return to the light in a few years?

Sex Offenders and Naturism.

Reposting this from my other blog.

I found this post on another site.  I won’t say which site but i did verify that the post did exist:

I don’t have any other place to ask this question because I am afraid of being banned or bitched out so I’ll just ask this here and see what happens.

Several weeks ago I finally convinced a female friend to try a local naturist resort with me. So upon arriving we both had to give or IDs to someone to register for a day visit. Things seemed to be going well and we went to the showers after being given a small tour. We had literally walked out of the shower and onto the promenade when the supervisor came up to us and told us that my female friend had to leave. When I asked why the supervisor said that my friend was flagged as a sex offender. Of course I was shocked, I knew she had a record but I had never asked. I was very upset that they wanted to kick her out. So I left with her because I was insulted at the tone of the supervisor and the fact that several men walked up with angry looks on their faces and a tone that they were ready to become violent if we didn’t leave immediately.

After we left my friend told me about her past. The incident had happened over 14 years ago in another state and she had not been in trouble since then. I won’t go into details but i will say the incident did not involve child porn or children in any form or fashion. After the explanation I was even more incensed by the way we had been treated and I was thinking of suing. My friend bade me to let it go and i did. The whole incident has stayed on my mind though, but I decided to find some info first. Are there any naturist resorts that allow for sex offenders to actually join and stay there?

I have heard that the AANR affiliated resorts are the ones that ban any and all sex offenders, but that private non-affiliated resorts may allow sex offenders. I just want to enjoy nudism with my friend. I know she was really hurt and embarrassed by what happened, and I just want to help her. Does anyone here have any ideas or info that can help me?

The first thing I find interesting is that the poster fears being banned from nudist/naturist forums or being mistreated by fellow naturists just for asking a question about this.  Are the forums really that mean spirited?

The second thing: As a supporter of free business I think the resort has the right to ban certain people if they do not meet certain requirements.

The third thing: While I support the right of any business to makes their own rules, I find it frightening that you have to give your ID and then be subject to someone delving deep into your personal history like that, and then judging you by what they see.  It really makes you wonder just exactly does any resort you deal with do with such info they find and how much harm they can bring to you.

The fourth thing: At a time where I see so many resorts and naturists complaining about lack of new members and financial problems, I find it to be somewhat silly to ban people for their past from joining or visiting a naturist resort for even a day.  How do they expect to get any business if they block so many people?

The fifth thing: The poster seems to accuse the AANR of basically being a bunch of jerks and basically enforcing rules about sex offenders on just about any naturist resort that is a member of their group.  But he also wonders if non-affiliated resorts have easier rules.  I have heard other people complain over time about the AANR being somewhat draconian with their rules.  I don’t know how much of this is true though.

Well if anyone who follows this blog has any answers or opinions then post away!

Short Story: Stalker

Short Story: Stalker

Catholic In The 21st Century

First: Some music to read to:


“To be honest, your constant messages are starting to scare me.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just being honest. Isn’t honesty what women want? Well, in the interest of being honest: If you’re afraid I am, or are going to be, stalking you: I’m happy in my own little bubble. I haven’t driven more than 10 miles in 3 years, and you’re not worth breaking the habit.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“So, you’re implying that the non-asshole thing to do is stalk you? Well, I wouldn’t want you to be unhappy.”

“Fine. I work at ___.”

“OK. I’ll go there every day.”

The Next Day

“Hello, ma’am. This is going to sound weird, but: the woman who works in the ___ department wants me to come here once every day and ask about her. Please tell her I was…

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A Catholic Responding To An Atheist Responding To Lutheranism

A Catholic Responding To An Atheist Responding To Lutheranism

Catholic In The 21st Century

Excerpts from A Look At Luther’s Small Catechism by The Closet Atheist, and my thoughts:

“And make it very plain to [parents] what an awful harm they are doing if they will not help to train children to be pastors, preachers, clerks . . . and that God will punish them terribly for it.”

So every child must be a pastor, preacher, or clerk?

I understand being a “preacher” in the sense that one is willing to share their faith when the circumstance calls for it. After all:

“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.”
~ 1 Peter 3:15

Otherwise: Being boxed into three roles feels, for lack of a better word, limiting. A child can’t grow up to…

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As the Cold comes in.

I still use the air conditioning and in many cases its a balmy 85 degrees during the day, but i know that Fall and Winter are on the way and so i have been planning and preparing.  Its time to buy some big shirts again and maybe some comfy pajamas.  But maybe i won’t have to do so much.  This time i have a great heating system.  Maybe this time I’ll be able to stroll nude around my place all i want.  This might be a great winter season after all.

A Sagging Struggle of the Naturist Mind.

Well a few days ago I was heading over to parents house and I realized I had forgotten to put on a belt.  Well i was fine, but my blue jeans did hang off my rear end a bit.  Now my thoughts were conflicted about this.  I generally go commando all the time unless its a formal occasion or I am going to church.  The feeling of the wind and air as I could feel it blow through my shirt was great.  But my disdain and dislike of sagging caused a great conflict in my mind.

As a naturist i want to expose my skin to the air and sun, but i do not like sagging.  I think sagging is the most tacky and tawdry I have ever seen and it does disgust me.  But for the time i was at my parents i was so conflicted.  We were outside and i was helping in their garden and i could feel the air on my waist and pubic area for a moment.  It felt great.  But i pulled my pants up, not wanting to sag or have my parents notice.

Later I felt sad that i couldn’t just let my pants hang off me a bit and feel the air on my body.  So the conflict continues.  Maybe when i am away from my parents i will sag a bit so i can enjoy the air on my waist.

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and prejudice? Race tinges LGBT celebrations.

So now here we are.  The LBGTQ community has begun to eat their own. Or should i say that the SJWs have found a new target.  After more then a year of protesting, marching and getting what they want, the Social Justice Communists need a new target because they are becoming irrelevant.  So now they will attack the gay pride parades and claim that the gay agenda is racist!  Why is the LBGTQ agenda suddenly racist? Because the special snowflakes don’t see pictures of themselves posted on Tumblr and Yahoo! in the gay pride parades!

This is what its really all about.  Its about getting attention and praise, its not about gay rights. The people in the article are literally saying this, “We don’t FEEL that we are getting enough ATTENTION via the media and the public, so we are going to declare these people as racist so they will pay us more attention!”  This is how bad it has gotten. Just because most of the people you see in pictures related to gay topics, or the people in pictures in the media are white, you some how assume that there is some kind of racism and that black and brown people are somehow getting the shaft.

Maybe these deluded young people need to wake up.  The Black and Brown minorities in America are still very conservative and they do not want the gay agenda or the gay community shoving dicks and dildoes of attention-seeking up their collective asses!  They have no problem with you being whatever letter of the sexual lifestyle alphabet you want to be, but they don’t want to be bothered with you.  Maybe you special snowflakes need to go speak to them.  Or better yet encourage the gays in your minority community to get involved.  That way you’d be represented better.

But what makes this so insane is that the LBGTQ community has always been non-racist and diverse. Many gay and lesbian couples are interracial.  I have several people who follow my blogs who are dating or married to a person of the same gender but are a different race. So why is the LBGTQ movement suddenly racist?  It is because these special snowflakes who are going to protest at the pride parades want special attention drawn to racial issues and to the non-binary gender crowd that’s been trying to make headway in the news and in the LBGTQ community.  To be honest they really just want to take over.

Since they get their asses handed to them every time they protest free speech they have decided to go protest over at the gay pride parade because the gay people are perceived as limp-wristed, weak, and won’t beat the shit outta them.  I feel sorry for the gay community in many ways, they supported these little spoon-fed assholes over the last few years and this is the thanks they get.  But hey maybe now you’ll heed my warning about these people, do not trust them and do not let them in!

Problematic Hypocrisy!

So i read a article today that talked about the problem that SJWs, feminists, and special snowflakes have with sexy women in video games. (link to article:

PORN-influenced heroines in video games with “impossibly big breasts” and unreal bodies are harming a generation of Australian children.

The stark warning comes from concerned body image experts, who warn the increasingly graphic sexual poses and depictions of women in mainstream video games fuel harmful stereotypes and body dysmorphia.
Among the toxically augmented characters in highly suggestive outfits that have burst onto video game screens are Rainbow Mika and Laura Matsuda from Street Fighter V, and Honoka from the Dead or Alive franchise.
Porn influenced heroines you say?  Making children uncomfortable and giving them psychological issues you say?  Well I am sure that this is totally okay then!
Oh we are so progressive, smart, and evolved now!  An 8 year old boy wants to strut around in drag on national TV!  He wants to be the little girl!  But sexy, big breasted women in totally fictional video games are causing children to develop mental illnesses!!  I know many of my readers can see the hypocrisy that is shown in this.  The heterosexual is now abnormal.  The normal standards of beauty are now ugly!  But the abnormal, the homosexual, the unhealthy are now the normal.
The hypocrisy these SJWs preach to the public is so disgusting and frustrating.  And the constant attack on gamers and hobbyists are equally annoying.  We cannot enjoy our geek hobbies now without being reminded how -phobic or racist we are if enjoy a certain game genre.  The agenda is simple: make the all boys club join the SJW parade, make the public entertainment sector push the SJW agenda without fail.  Take over the media and entertainment industry to normalize the SJW and to pervert the non-SJW, conservative person into shame and remaining silent, hidden.
Thankfully it isn’t working too much.  Sexy games are still being made and many geeks are speaking out against the SJW and their agenda!  Only time will tell who wins.